Owen Barnes

Hello! I am a full-stack developer, speaker and adviser to a small number of blockchain startups that share my values.

I believe in free speech, decentralisation, the right to privacy, and open protocols.

We should own our own data and take it to the apps and platforms we use. No company should have the ability to lock you into their services or de-platform you.

Decentralised technologies are part of the solution, but I also recognise the ethical implications of immutable ledgers and unstoppable computers.

Recent Talks

I have given many talks about Bitcoin and Ethereum at Funzing (read reviews), The London Business School, Imperial College and at technical conferences.

About Me

I started my career as a full-stack web developer and tech lead to startups. I then become a technical adviser to corporations such as McKinsey and Capco.

After I discovered Bitcoin, I fell head-first into the world of decentralisation. I now spend most of my time advising blockchain companies that share my values.

I love to re-think established ideas from first principles. I'm particularly interested in exploring the future of work (going beyond full time jobs) and computing (going beyond the need to code).


Email: mail at owenbarnes.com
Twitter: @temporalwave